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Boy, how I hate Windows!

Převzato z mého Gopherlogu
I’ve never been fan of MS Windows. There are many things I can’t stand about this operating system, but the worst is, that programmers from Redmond are making me an idiot.

There is fine line between „presuming that user is an idiot“ and „making an idiot from every user“. The first one is what they do in Cupertino. From Apple’s point of view, every person behind screen and keyboard does not know a thing about computers. So they carefully research what users do with their Macs, what are the problems and then they chose single approach for every task and remove all other possibilities. I may not agree with that, but it works.

The second one is corporate policy of Microsoft. They include all the possible options and then they preselect the worst. Then one day, when you are running a .cmd or .bat script, which has couple of hundreds megabytes and will take a few days to complete, automatic update will restart your computer, killing all running tasks. How can I not hate Windows?