Za jídlo, šaty a vzduch otročíme na programech z temných světů

I like CB contesting

Převzato z mého Gopherlogu I have spent my weekend on the top of mountain called Velka Destna (translates as „Big Rainy“) and entered my first CB radio contest. Few months ago I would never have said it, but it was great. We had to walk 4km from 900m to 1115m above sea level with 20kg in our bags, we had to sleep in hard wind with temperatures below 5 deg. Celsius (well it was night contest, so we slept just 2 hours anyways), but still – it was simply great.

100 QSOs, 12123km in total with average 121km per QSO. Not exactly breaking results, but for newbies quite good. In last two seasons it would be enough for place around the middle of results table. We shall see, how will we score this year.

But no matter the score, I will do this again, whenever possible. It was simply great.